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The patented JBW Mixing System gives superior agitation.  It is adaptable and weighs less than 45 pounds.  The mixer has a simplified drive system, with it's unique cover, it helps reduce fugitive emissions, can be used in varied applications, and is low cost.


Need parts for your mixer (either JBW or Typhoon/Wilden)? Download the EOM (click here) and select the parts you require from the reference numbers in the EOM.  

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Light Weight

The total system weighs less than 45 pounds making it easy to transport.  The operator takes the system to the drum/mini-bulk tank rather than the drum to a stationary mixing system.

Reduces Fugitive Emissions

The extruded, aluminum top, is called the Fugitive Emission Reduction Cover, or FERC, for short.  This top  completely covers both drums and mini-bulk tanks thus it also works as a fire retardant as well as reducing emissions.  It is designed so that the sides lift up, allowing the operator full access to the containers for placement of pumps and/or the addition of other materials.

Simplified Drive System

Compared to traditional systems that use a gear-reducer, the JBW Mixing System implements a 4HP direct-drive air motor suitable for use in an explosive atmosphere.


The JBW Mixing System can be converted from a drum to a mini-bulk tank mixer with just an addition of a shaft extender (the viscosity and volume of the material determines whether one or two impellers are needed).  The JBW Mixing System effectively eliminates the need for drums with built-in agitators.


The shaft and the impeller are made of 316 stainless steel for strength and durability.

Better Agitation

The impeller is designed to pump large volumes of liquids from the bottom of the container.  It creates a flow pattern above and below the impeller allowing for complete sediment disbursement throughout the container.  This makes for less mixing time compared to traditional propellers.  The impeller is designed for low shear and reduces air entrapment by not creating a large vortex.

Mixer Brochure & PowerPoint Presentation

Click here to open JBW System's Mixer brochure. Click here to view the JBW System PowerPoint presentation.

Engineering, Operating Manual (EOM)

Click here to open JBW System's 24 page Engineering, Operating Manual (EOM) with dimension and exploded view of our mixing equipment.  This 24 page EOM also has JBW part numbers which are required if you need to order parts for mixing equipment.

JBW Terms For International Shipment

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